And He Took A Step Into An Abyss Of Darkness; The Absence Of Light And The Twistering Voices Escalated Until Fully Engulfing Him; The Essence Of The Hunter Being Hunted And The Criminal Being The Victim; To A Crime; Guilty By Association; He Falls, Down Spiral, Like The Street Lights On An Empty Street, The Dust In The Corner Of His Heart, Being Uplifted By The Sound Of Her Voice, The Bones In His Chest Freeze At The Tip Of Her Fingers As They Swim Across The Oceans Of Nerves On His Ever Lusting Body; Unaccounted For, Gasps Of Air Into The Lungs Which Inhaled Stars Of Emotion Into The Soul Of Him; The Feeling Of Thunder; The Feeling Of Rain Upon Closed Eye Lids; Open; She Gave To Him A Circle, Of Feeling, Of Existence; A Chemical Lifestyle That Exposed Colors Of Her Smile; A Smile That Destroyed The Matter In His Heart; That Could Kill The Sunrise Without A Sweat; The Ice Cold Taste; Of Her Tasting Him Could Stop The Universe; No More Turning, Spinning, Falling Down, Stop; He Saw; She Saw; Eyes Staring; Into; Eyes Staring; Reflections; Deep Into The Crack; To Let Light Seep Through; The Feeling Of Heat; Frozen Fires; Dormant Alive; Wake Up, Her Eyes So Beautiful Flowers Grow Faster; A Girl So Bright; Stars Start To Hide; Vanishing Lights Around Her; Until She; Alone; Never Knew The Stars Existed; He; A Star; Saw Himself In Her Eyes; Staring At Him; She Knew; She Was The Night Sky; Galaxy; The Goddess, He Was The Star; In The Dark; The Spirit, Without Her They Saw; Empty; Shell; Nothing; With Her, He; Nothing Is Beautiful When Something Is Too Much, Yet Too Much Of Nothing Is Something; Let Her Be The Reason Of Too; Let Her Be The Energy In The Mind; For This Soul, She Will Fly, She Is His Life, She Is His Beauty; His Eyes; She Is The Beat In His Chest; The Sound Of Love; The Sight Of Color; The Taste Of Heaven; The Scent Of Flowers; The Feeling Of Being Alive; The Promise That Nothing Can Ever Look As Perfect As She Did When Her Eyes Wonder; He Will Always Shine, For No One But; Her,
It’s okay
If you don’t love me
Because lately
I’ve been thinking
Maybe I don’t love me either

L.B. - Changed Meanings (via theoceanstype)